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V2 React LLC

An alternative space to discover new artists.

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Home: Welcome

About Us

Art is often called the language of the soul.

If ever there was a time we need to speak this way,

it would be now!

V2 React is a new and unique experience created to engage and to introduce everyone,

from the casual buyer to the seasoned collector, to new and emerging talent.

Founded by Eric Villafañe Villafañe, it is the result of our own quest to acquire art and fill our homes and spaces with pieces that inspire, provoke, soothe and suggest.

This journey led us to the understanding that the best talent and value available is often from young artists who have yet to share their talents with a broader audience.

We have been inspired to bridge that gap for fellow collectors and casual observers alike. 

Check back here often to see where and when we might have an exhibit.

In the meantime, please explore this site to see our artists’ work.

We hope you find something worth acquiring for your own collection.

Feel free to order from our store on this site, or contact us directly by phone or email. 

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Current Exhibit


Hails from the city of Bogotá, Colombia.

Received a degree in Photography from Jorge Tadeo University in 2019.

His work is a reflection of how bright color, shapes, architectural details, etc interact to create an unexpected composition.

La Patria, El Espectador and Arcadia are some of the printed media that has published his work.

His new project, Everyday Miami, will be exhibited soon.

Carlos Vergara is an artist born in Barranquilla, Colombia, currently based in Vienna, Austria.
Through drawing, photography and collage he explores and questions concepts related to his own identity and experiences in an often subtle but humorous way.


Multi-disciplinary artist from Mallorca, Spain. Lives and works in Scotland, where he obtained a Masters Degree in Fine Art Practice at The Glasgow School of Art in 2018.
His practice revolves around desire, understood as one of the main engines of social communication - now being accentuated by new technologies.
From these concepts, he creates hypothetical Queer situations in fictional spaces full of symbolism.

Luna studied in Argentina to become a lawyer, an idea she abandoned to persue her childhood passion for artistic self expression.
In her own words her work "is a reflexive image of the Information Age, aiming to contour reality towards a nostalgic glimpse into the genial generation which simplifies the universe into a binary sense of perception."


Ignacio Marino Larrique is an Uruguayan born artist (1982).
Introduced to visual arts at a very young age, he expresses himself through an extremely wide variety of mediums, from digital to hand made, such as oil, watercolor, chalk, acrylic, airbrush and neon acrylic.
He specializes in murals and portraits, and the spatial perspective found in his work reflects his ample background in architecture.

Dave Benjamin Lopez is a photographer who has studied in both Puerto Rico and the United States.
He finds inspiration everywhere and uses it to tell his personal story through his lens.
His work is dramatic, compelling and poignant and has been known to evoke a feeling that can only be called tender sadness.

Image 3-16-21 at 1.44 PM.jpg
Ivan Selfie.JPG

Living in Madrid, and having studied in Sevilla, Ivan combines photography and digital art to present a world that is coyly sensual.
His work is an ode to both the innocence and arrogance that manage to coexist in youth.

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Eric Villafañe Villafañe

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